Vacuum Birth Injuries

During labor and delivery, you trust your doctor and other medical professionals to use the utmost caution to bring your child into the world safely. Unfortunately, trusted medical professionals sometimes overlook the dangers involved in practices like vacuum extraction while trying to do their job quickly or efficiently.

The Dangers of Vacuum Extraction

Vacuum extraction is a suction device that is occasionally used to help the baby exit the birthing canal during delivery. The device is placed on the baby’s head, using a soft vacuum pressure to encourage movement.

Vacuum-assisted births are notoriously risky, causing many serious birth injuries every year. If proper care is not taken during vacuum extraction, a baby can suffer from bruises, skin abrasions, head trauma, brain damage, hematoma, nerve damage, and bleeding in the brain.

Doctors and other medical professionals involved in the vacuum extraction process may be guilty of malpractice if they applied too much force during attachment or detachment, exposed the child to too much suction pressure, used suction for an unusually long period, or overlooked risk factors which made vacuum extraction especially dangerous.

Proving Vacuum Extraction Negligence

Children suffering from vacuum extraction injuries deserve to have their rights acknowledged and protected. Medical professionals who breached the trust your family had in their ability to keep your child safe should be held accountable. If your family is struggling after a vacuum extraction resulted in serious harm, seek the advice of a skilled birth injury legal team.

A birth injury attorney can investigate and review the circumstances of your labor and delivery to identify possible indications that negligence occurred. The attorney may be able to help you recover the funds you need to cover your child’s current and future medical expenses.

If you would like to learn more about vacuum extraction injuries and your legal rights, please contact the The Birth Injury Lawyers Group today.