Infant Hematoma

Severe health consequences can result from an infant hematoma. An experienced birth injury attorney will go to bat for children with hematoma birth injury who cannot speak for themselves.

About Infant Hematoma

When a baby sustains a head injury, the blood vessels can tear and bleed. A hematoma occurs when blood collects unnaturally in the head after physical trauma. Hematomas may be categorized as a subdural hematoma, where blood collects inside the skull, or cephalohematoma, when blood collects under the scalp.

Hematoma is caused by excessive force used during direct handling or forceps or vacuum extraction. Hematoma may result from shaking of an infant, hitting, or applying direct pressure. To diagnose a hematoma, doctors should recognize signs like swelling in the head, rapid breathing, spikes in intracranial pressure, lethargy, and convulsions.

Cephalohematoma may also be an indication that a skull fracture has occurred. While many times this injury may heal on its own as the blood eventually dissipates, large hematomas can lead to hemorrhaging (brain bleeding) and threaten a child’s life.

Your Hematoma Medical Negligence Case

A labor and delivery doctor or nurse may be held financially responsible for causing a hematoma, failing to diagnose fetal distress that resulted in hematoma, or failing to properly treat this complication.

Negligence is not acceptable. If your child has suffered an infant hematoma, you may want to bring a lawsuit so doctors are more careful and prevent injuries like hematoma and cranial and spinal cord injuries from happening to other babies.  With more awareness, high-risk practices like vacuum extraction may be managed with greater care.

If your child suffered a hematoma injury because a medical professional made a mistake, your family may choose to file a birth injury claim. You need an experienced birth injury attorney to lead you through the legal process to ensure every step is completed with accuracy and precision. After a devastating birth injury, your child deserves ample financial resources to adequately prepare him or her for the future.

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